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USB security issues in the government

There are two major issues with removable media in today’s worlds. First, information is being stored on removable media devices with little, or no security measures implemented. And by security measures, I mean both physical and software based. As is recently pointed out in a massive security breach in Ontario, Canada. The second problem is just as bad. It appears that most folks who come across a thumb drive sitting in a public location will pick it up, and what’s worse, they’ll actually plug it into their trusted computer systems to check it out. This is a hackers dream come true and the easiest way to infiltrate corporations and government institutions to install malicious code.  Whether it’s protecting against data loss, or protecting against intrusion, there must be appropriate solutions put in place to protect organizations.

If you read the two artices for the U.S. government and the Canadian government, you can see that removable media (i.e. smart phones, usb flash/thumb drives, external disks, etc.) are still a serious security concern.  Without a piece of software that acts like a firewall between removable media and the operating system, the security breaches involving removable media will continue.  We here at Squadra Technologies have addressed this very issue.  Our flagship product “security Removable Media Manager” secRMM, is a software firewall between the Windows OS and the removable media devices.  Every file that gets written to the removable media device is logged.  In addition, secRMM tells you the user, program and most importantly, the complete path of the file(s) that was written to the removable media device.  We make a strong point of mentioning the complete path of the file because to us here at Squadra Technologies, it is logical that this is the most crucial piece of information you must collect in order to solve the security issues around data leaving the organizations network/domain.  Believe it or not however, most removable media security solutions on the market today are not collecting this crucial data,  including the biggest security companies.  Organizations must implement a solution like secRMM to properly audit the write activity to removable media, otherwise, security breaches like those mentioned in the articles will continue to occur.

A free two week trial of secRMM is available at Squadra Technologies.

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