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Microsoft BitLocker Monitoring and Authorization

Microsoft BitLocker is a software disk drive encryption technology.  This means that the end-user who plugs the device in needs to authenticate with Windows before the disk is accessible to them.  Authentication is usually performed by specifying a password but can also be performed with a physical security card. Microsoft makes it very easy to […]

Windows Powershell/VBScript to un-mount a smart phone or tablet

Thanks for reading the squadra technologies blog! The one line of Power-shell script below un-mounts a USB cable attached Windows Portable Device (WPD) from the Windows Operating System (XP thru W8/2012): Invoke-WMIMethod -path Win32ext_WPD -name EjectDevice -argumentList (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32ext_WPD -Namespace root/cimv2 -ComputerName . -Filter “strFriendlyName = ‘SAMSUNG-SGH-I747′”).strId *** change ‘SAMSUNG-SGH-I747’ to the phone/tablet name […]