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Apple mobile devices in the enterprise

Apple is moving towards better integrating their mobile solutions into the enterprise environment (see https://www.apple.com/ios/ios8/enterprise/). Many businesses use Windows workstations as the primary endpoint computer; meaning, the computer used by the worker.

Squadra Technologies’ new release, version is 5.7 of “Security Removable Media Manager” (secRMM), supports apples direction of moving into the enterprise (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYVn6pfk6lw).  secRMM provides a security layer for apple mobile devices attached to a Windows computer using a USB cable.

secRMM is a security product that records all files written to any storage device attached to a Windows computer by a USB connection.  It also allows you to specify simple rules to prevent using removable media.  In addition to Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices, secRMM 5.7 includes apple mobile devices.  In general, any device that Windows identifies as a storage object will be protected by secRMM.

Additionally, secRMM provides a mobile device app for Android, apple, BlackBerry and Windows phone that adds an extra layer of security.  Using their Windows credentials, the user must login using the secRMM mobile device app before allowing the device to become mounted to the Windows computer.  A YouTube video about the secRMM mobile device app is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9tO428gTV4.

For enterprises preferring not to allow iTunes to their end-users, secRMM has an end-user tool called SafeCopy.  SafeCopy is a “Windows explorer” like tool that allows copying files to and from the apple mobile device and the Windows computer.  You only need to install the apple device drivers (rather than the whole iTunes stack) so secRMM can interact with the mobile device via the “apple mobile device service”.

secRMM 5.7 also ships a collection of apple command-line utilities that perform many tasks necessary to use the mobile device as a tool within the enterprise.  This includes such tasks as:
1. Listing what apps and their version are installed on the device
2. Install and uninstall apps
3. List, install and backup provisioning profiles
4. Backup the device
5. Copying data to and from the device

While secRMM provides SafeCopy so you can move files to and from the mobile devices, it also ships with a Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow businesses to build their own solutions to integrate the apple device, or any other mobile device, into their environment.  The SDK is comprised of a COM type library (tlb) and .Net COM-Interop dlls for:
1. 32 bit and 64 bit systems
2. .Net pre-40 and .Net 4.0 and greater

The release of secRMM 5.7 is timed perfectly with apples new enterprise direction.

We hope you consider secRMM 5.7 as a necessary tool to keep your sensitive data safe.


For more information, please visit the Squadra Technologies web site.

To see how to copy a file from an apple device using Powershell, please read this blog.


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