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BlackBerry OS 10 USB security

 BlackBerry OS 10 support

secRMM now provides USB security for BlackBerry OS 10 devices with the release of secRMM version  BlackBerry devices are famous for their security coverage.  You can read more about BlackBerry security at http://us.blackberry.com/business/blackberry-advantage.html.  secRMM now extends this security coverage so that all activity pertaining to files copied to the device are recorded into the Windows Security Event log.  In addition to the verbose event logging, secRMM also provides security rules (policies) that you can set for each Windows system or users.  These security rules are simple to configure yet are extremely powerful when it comes to protecting sensitive data files within your domain.  As an example, secRMM lets you define the domain locations where files can be copied from.  Any other locations are blocked.  This feature does not require any modifications to the domain (i.e. Active Directory schema, NTFS, NAP, etc.)


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The BlackBerry integration completes the secRMM mobile device coverage.  secRMM now has support for the 4 major mobile device platforms: BlackBerry, Android, Apple and Windows.  secRMM is unique in the fact that it provides the same functions for “classic USB” storage devices (i.e. USB storage devices that get assigned a drive letter by the Windows Operating System) as it does for mobile devices.  This becomes a significant cost savings since competing solutions implement classic USB and mobile security as separate products.

For enterprise customers who want to securely allow BlackBerry device USB connections so workers can effectively copy files to their devices, we highly recommend you consider using secRMM and implementing the following BlackBerry knowledge base article: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB33859.

A free two week trial of secRMM is available at Squadra Technologies.


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