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USB encryption hardware and secRMM

Many organizations either choose or are required to use hardware encryption technology to provide a layer of security for removing sensitive files from their network through removable media.

secRMM works seamlessly with these technologies to generate security events which inform the system administrator:

  • the encrypted device has been mounted,
  • whether authorization was granted,
  • all successful and failed write events,
  • when the device goes offline.
  • all administrative changes to the removable media security policies

No longer do organizations have to rely on company policies and procedures to limit the use of the USB port.
Instead, they can actively manage, secure, and audit it internally with secRMM.

Squadra Technologies has partnered with the following hardware encryption companies below.
These companies see the synergy between their hardware solutions and the secRMM software.
1. Apricorn
2. DataLocker
3. Imation
4. Kanguru

secRMM Benefits…

  • Whitelist specific encrypted devices by the vendor ID (VID) and/or product ID (PID).
  • By whitelisting only the preferred encrypted device (company device) secRMM thereby prevents the writing of data onto any other type of removable media device.
  • Provides security to prevent the mounting and data transfer to devices beyond the classic USB, including but not limited to; BlackBerry, apple, Windows, and Android.
  • Captures the complete path of the source file being copied onto the encrypted device. (i.e.- knowledge of the exact file that has been written and where it came from).
  • Logs failed attempts at data transfers through the USB, providing the who, what, where and when of the attempted transfer.

    A free two week trial of secRMM is available at Squadra Technologies.


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