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Apricorn secRMM freeware



There is a youtube video showing you the workings of “Apricorn secRMM” at:

Apricorn is a removable storage hardware vendor that Squadra Technologies has had the privilege of partnering with over the last several years.  The two companies now have a jointly developed version of secRMM that is called “Apricorn secRMM” (internally named secRMM-lite so we may slip up and call it that too 🙂 ).  “Apricorn secRMM” is free software offered by Apricorn and supported by Squadra Technologies.  “Apricorn secRMM” lets Apricorn customers configure their Windows workstations and servers to allow just Apricorn devices to be used by end-users.  This is a very powerful capability since it narrows down the removable storage devices allowed in your environment to only hardware encrypted, password protected devices!


“Apricorn secRMM” is a “limited functionality” version of the Squadra Technologies product secRMM.  “Apricorn secRMM” exposes the secRMM properties:

  1. AllowedInternalIds
  2. AllowedSerialNumbers
  3. SCCMConnection
  4. SNMP

The first two properties (AllowedInternalIds and AllowedSerialNumbers) constrain the Windows computer to only writing files to Apricorn devices that meet both properties.  Trying to write to any other type of removable storage device will fail.  The AllowedSerialNumbers can be left blank which will allow any Apricorn device.

The SCCMConnection property will allow integration into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).  Note that “Apricorn secRMM” will also work with the secRMM Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack(s) as well.  For complete details on Microsoft System Center integration, please visit http://squadratechnologies.com/Products/secRMM/SystemCenter/secRMMSystemCenter.aspx.

The SNMP property will throw SNMP “Apricorn secRMM” traps to a SNMP trap receiver computer.

“Apricorn secRMM” generates audit events for all removable storage ONLINE and OFFLINE events.  Please note however that it will not generate file WRITE events (whether successful or unsuccessful).  To get file WRITE events (and the other secRMM events), you will need the secRMM full version.

When you first install “Apricorn secRMM”, you will have 30 days to trial the software.  During the 30 day trial, you will have the ability to toggle the software between the “Apricorn secRMM” version and the full version of secRMM.  This will help you decide if you can do without the additional functionality that the full version of secRMM provides (i.e. advanced auditing, additional authorization properties, user configurations, etc.).

Apricorn secRMM User Interface

If/when you decide that you would like to use the software (either “Apricorn secRMM” or the full version of secRMM) in your environment, please contact Squadra Technologies (sales@squadratechnologies.com) to obtain a license (either for free or to start a purchase).  If you decide that you want to purchase the full version of secRMM, you will need to tell Squadra Technologies how many computers you have in your environment that will run secRMM.  The number of computers dictates the purchase price.  The more computers, the less “per computer” price.

Squadra Technologies is very excited to be working more closely with Apricorn and Apricorn customers!  Please feel free to contact us (sales@squadratechnologies.com) anytime if you have questions about using “Apricorn secRMM” or the full version of secRMM.


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