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WME. A great partner!

December 15, 2016 – Being in the Microsoft System Centerwme-logo space is very exciting.  You get to work on leading edge software that helps your business operate and be successful.  System Center provides so many functions and features that sometimes getting a handle on all the bells and whistles it provides can be a little intimidating.  This is when you wish there were experts you can lean on to help you understand or even help you accomplish your System Center goals.  If you don’t know of any System Center experts, please check out one of Squadra Technologies technology partners named “Windows Management Experts” or WME for short.  Let me just tell you, these guys know System Center and they are cool guys.  For example, we just released a SCCM/InTune report for secRMM.  I was trying to understand the SCCM database schema to figure out how to pull the data for the report.  I shot an email over to my buddies at WME and within a day, they emailed me back an SQL query (quite complex one I might add) that enabled me to finish the report within a couple of hours!  So awesome!

So, if you are looking for System Center help, please consider WME.
Thanks for reading.


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