We are excited about secRMM version! This blog covers the two new features included in the latest secRMM release. If you don’t yet know much about secRMM, it is Microsoft security software focused on securing and auditing removable “plug-and-play” storage media. This includes mobile devices, usb flash drives (including hardware encrypted devices), external hard […]

SCCM with 100% USB/Mobile Device storage security

SCCM with 100% USB/Mobile Device storage security

Security Removable Media Manager (secRMM) is Windows security software that audits and authorizes write activity to storage devices that connect using the USB port.  This includes smart phones, tablets, flash drives (including hardware and/or software encryption), external hard drives, SD-Cards, and CD/DVD.  secRMM fits into a category of software commonly referred to as “Data Loss Prevention” […]

BlackBerry OS 10 USB security

 BlackBerry OS 10 support secRMM now provides USB security for BlackBerry OS 10 devices with the release of secRMM version  BlackBerry devices are famous for their security coverage.  You can read more about BlackBerry security at  secRMM now extends this security coverage so that all activity pertaining to files copied to the device […]

Using Powershell to copy data from your apple iPad/iPhone

With the recent release of secRMM 5.7, you can use the secRMM SDK/API to copy data to and from mobile devices.  This includes apple mobile devices.  For an overview of the apple functionality provided by secRMM, please read this blog. secRMM provides an out-of-the-box “Windows explorer like GUI” program called SafeCopy which allows you to […]

Apple mobile devices in the enterprise

Apple is moving towards better integrating their mobile solutions into the enterprise environment (see Many businesses use Windows workstations as the primary endpoint computer; meaning, the computer used by the worker. Squadra Technologies’ new release, version is 5.7 of “Security Removable Media Manager” (secRMM), supports apples direction of moving into the enterprise (see  secRMM provides […]

Windows Powershell/VBScript to un-mount a smart phone or tablet

Thanks for reading the squadra technologies blog! The one line of Power-shell script below un-mounts a USB cable attached Windows Portable Device (WPD) from the Windows Operating System (XP thru W8/2012): Invoke-WMIMethod -path Win32ext_WPD -name EjectDevice -argumentList (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32ext_WPD -Namespace root/cimv2 -ComputerName . -Filter “strFriendlyName = ‘SAMSUNG-SGH-I747′”).strId *** change ‘SAMSUNG-SGH-I747’ to the phone/tablet name […]

An introduction to how smartphones and removable media work on Windows computers

Have you ever attached your smartphone to your Windows computer and then looked at the phone in Windows Explorer?  The phone gets listed in Explorer and you can even copy files to it (apple the exception).  What makes the phone different from a regular storage device is that it does not get assigned a drive […]