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Capture “removable storage device serial number(s)” using Powershell

03/23/2021 – Product overview: secRMM is a Windows security solution that audits and controls access to removable storage devices (i.e. USB drives and mobile devices).  secRMM is very easy to implement in that it can operate on a standalone Windows computer (even XP!) or can be centrally managed for thousands of computers.  It can be […]

secRMM extends SCCM PowerShell Library

secRMM extends SCCM PowerShell Library

October 24, 2016 – secRMM has increased its PowerShell support.  There is a new secRMM PowerShell cmdlet to give you the same property granularity that is available from the secRMM Excel AddIn (as shown in the screen shot below). This means you have the most detailed forensic removable storage security data (including mobile devices as […]

Windows Powershell/VBScript to un-mount a smart phone or tablet

Thanks for reading the squadra technologies blog! The one line of Power-shell script below un-mounts a USB cable attached Windows Portable Device (WPD) from the Windows Operating System (XP thru W8/2012): Invoke-WMIMethod -path Win32ext_WPD -name EjectDevice -argumentList (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32ext_WPD -Namespace root/cimv2 -ComputerName . -Filter “strFriendlyName = ‘SAMSUNG-SGH-I747′”).strId *** change ‘SAMSUNG-SGH-I747’ to the phone/tablet name […]