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Squadra Technologies Launches New Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) integration Powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel

For Release 08:00 AM PST

Squadra Technologies secRMM continues Microsoft security services integration

Las Vegas, NV. — 01/27/2020Using the services provided by Microsoft Azure, Squadra Technologies announces the availability of secRMM integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

The secRMM integration with Azure Sentinel supplies Azure Sentinel customers with secRMM generated events and alerts to further enrich Azure Sentinel investigations, particularly where USB is a vector for Initial Access and Exfiltration.

“Our customers use Microsoft security services and need us to integrate into the various Microsoft security services and products.  secRMM’s integrations with Microsoft help our customers understand USB removable storage usage within their environment and then to define security policies to restrict USB removable storage usage where possible,” said Anthony LaMark, Chief Technology Officer at Squadra Technologies.

secRMM integration with Azure Sentinel has also earned  Squadra Technologies membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).

“secRMM has been a valuable add-on security component to Microsoft Endpoint Manager over the past years.  By integrating with Microsoft’s  cloud-native SIEM, secRMM will help security teams to easily identify removable storage usage/incidents both in the cloud and on-premises,” said Adwait Joshi, director, Azure Security at Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft security stack with secRMM

Microsoft security stack with secRMM

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Kevin Furgal

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